Superfood Smoothie Guide
Activation Toolkit

All the resources needed to manifest your wellness goals.

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What is the Activation toolkit?

The Activation Toolkit is a downloadable resource inspired by Chelsea Barringer’s 15 years of nutrition consulting and thousands of successful client journeys, proven to accelerate your journey toward vibrant health. You’ll receive a bundle of resources, interactive materials, and guides to help you implement the most fundamental components of wellness — from overhauling your health, to decoding your body’s messages, to manifesting your wellness goals once and for all.

Your Activation Toolkit is the ultimate guide to living and eating for vibrant health. It’s all designed to help propel you toward your ultimate vision and trigger massive results in your daily life. No matter where you begin, you’ll start to feel the shifts and results in every corner of your life.

sneak a peek of what’s inside…

- You’ll get access to over $350 worth of tools, including -

1. Master Grocery List
Keep your kitchen stocked with these healthy staples and take the guesswork out of clean eating once and for all.

2. Batch Prep Guide
A 5-step guide chock full of the most effective meal planning strategies, tools and tricks.

3. Balanced Plate Blueprint
Indulge in the right blend of nourishing proteins, carbs, and fats for balanced meals.

4. Weekly Menu Organizer
Make even your busiest weeks a breeze with this interactive grocery and meal organizer.

5. Daily Food and Lifestyle Journal
Stay mindful, connected, and in-tune with your body’s unique cues and your daily habits every step of the way.

6. Wellness Goal Planner
This 6-part planner will help you set your clearest intentions, action steps, and personal approach to manifesting your wellness goals.

How often have you discovered some amazing new insight,
rave about it for a week, but could never actually figure out how to
follow through and implement it into your life?

This used to be me. Day after day and year after year nothing ever really changed. I continued to wake up every morning feeling sluggish and disappointed in myself.

This pattern didn’t change until I changed. In fact, now I can confidently say that the big secret to my success in life — the one that helped me rise from absolute rock-bottom to having a nourishing relationship with my body, balanced hormones, and vibrant health — was when I learned the power of taking inspired action and following through. That was the one strategy that changed everything for me, and I am excited to share it with YOU!

Superfood Smoothie Guide
Activation Toolkit

All the resources needed to manifest your wellness goals.

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I’m so much more comfortable experimenting with ingredients. Smoothies have become my go-to on days when I’m crunched for time or just need an extra jolt of energy and focus.
— Leah