10 Natural Ways To Glow From The Inside-Out

Girl Holding Avocados Over Her Eyes

Radiant skin isn't simply a matter of your mama's genes. Your daily habits - from the foods you eat to the products you use - play a major role in what you see in the mirror. Your skin, after all, is your body’s largest organ, and sends you messages about your internal health everyday.

Because beauty is way more than skin deep, here are 10 ways you can holistically support your skin and glow from the inside-out…

1. Eat fresh foods high in Vitamin C. 

Since new skin cells are built from the foods we eat, foods that are alive, bright in color, packed with hydration, full of enzymes and vitamins and minerals, will produce a radiant glow. Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C offer an extra boost of collagen production for healthier, tighter skin. Skip the trendy hype of synthetic ‘collagen powders’ and instead try adding a serving (or two!) of the following foods to your plate every day: red bell pepper, kiwi, tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, papaya, broccoli, and kale.

2. Drink more water. 

Skin is our largest organ, playing a vital role in removing toxins from the body, and is made up of 64% water. Drinking the prescribed 8-10 glasses of H20 a day will increase blood flow to your skin, making it look more radiant. Water with lemon and honey helps detoxify your system while keeping your skin clean and healthy.

3. Say ‘adios’ to sugar.

Sugar weakens the immune system making it harder for your body to fight off bacteria that leads to acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Sugar also works to damage collagen, the most abundant protein in the body. Collagen is springy and resilient, however when high amounts of sugar are consumed collagen becomes dry and brittle. This leads to wrinkles, sagging, and dullness of the skin. The good news is that these effects can be reversed. Eliminating sugar-sweetened foods and beverages from your diet will result in brighter and tighter skin.

4. Eliminate pesky foods you're intolerant to.

Since they cause inflammation on a cellular level, they might be the culprit for break outs, dryness, puffiness, or even dark circles. The questioning of alcohol, dairy, gluten, caffeine might have your head spinning, so if you’re not sure where to start, check out the upcoming Fresh Start program to determine which foods agree with you - and which ones don't.

5. Boost your nutrient uptake. 

Micronutrients enhance skin health by counteracting damage caused by free-radicals – molecules that break down healthy cells and contribute to aging and disease. If you are suffering from chronic skin issues, or even just sick of dealing with a dull and unhealthy complexion, the cause may be a nutrient deficiency. I helped heal my skin by giving my cells an extra boost of nutrients everyday with Vitalizer. Taking this daily has dramatically transformed my skin (hair and nails, too!).

6. Sleep more. 

When your body is deeply rested, it automatically shows on your face. Your body boosts blood flow to the skin while you snooze, which means you wake to a healthy glow. Only getting 5 hours a night can lead to twice as many fine lines as sleeping 7 would. A minimum of eight hours of sound shuteye is ideal.

7. Go to a yoga class. 

Yoga works to improve digestion and circulation. When your body has better blood flow, it naturally produces glowing skin. Yoga helps increase blood circulation and encourage stronger functioning of the detoxification organs in the body.

8. Breathe!

Most of us go in and out of our days with shallow breathing in to our chest and shoulders. Deep belly breathing changes the pH of your gut and allows for better absorption of the nutrients you eat. Try practicing taking three deep breaths into your belly before eating a meal. It will dramatically change your gut health, digestion, and as a result - your skin!

9. Go au-naturale. 

Your skin is your largest organ and 'digests' everything that is put on it. We absorb 60% of what contacts our skin in just 26 seconds, and many products are loaded with toxic ingredients. Over time, this chemical uptake and toxic overload can cause serious and long-term implications. Women, on average, use twelve products containing 168 different ingredients daily. For this reason alone, I try my best to reach for products free from toxic ingredients that are natural, safe, and made from only pure botanicals.

10. Seek the help of an expert. 

I lean on a slew of coaches and experts as my go-to resources for supporting my health, and you better believe skincare is a part of it! Having the advice of an expert through the whirlwind of changes my skin goes through seasonally has been a game changer for me. If you’re local or visiting Portland, my good friend, Tara Cavanagh, is a licensed esthetician and owner of Health Resonates in Portland, ME. In fact, I just went in for a facial with Tara last month and came out feeling refreshed, revived, and of course - glowing. Check out Health Resonates to learn more and book your appointment with Tara.

What are your favorite holistic skin care ingredients, products and remedies?

Leave a comment and let me know how you keep your skin clear, radiant, and healthy!