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Your body contains trillions of cells and creates billions of new cells every day. Each cell is like a high-performance engine and needs high-quality raw materials (nutrients) to function properly. Not surprisingly, cellular nutrition is the basis for optimal health. Yet it has been well documented that our food supply isn't as rich in nutrients as it once was. Not to mention, most of us have highly busy lives and, despite our best efforts to eat healthy, many of our food choices may be less than nutritious. In fact, 9 out of 10 Americans are lacking key nutrients in their diet.

When I became a nutritionist, I vowed to help my clients get their best nutrition from food first, because no amount of supplements will ever replace a healthy diet. And although I believe in meeting our nutritional requirements as best we can through our food choices, I believe equally as strongly that the right supplements are essential for giving us what we are not be able to get from our foods.

For years of my practice, I didn’t offer a supplement brand for my clients due to the difficultly of finding truth and validity within an industry that is confusing and at times overwhelming to navigate. After an exhaustive search, one company rose above all others: Shaklee®. I knew I had found a partner I could confidently put my professional reputation behind.

Shaklee® supplements provide the key nutrients needed to keep your body functioning at its best. But good health isn’t just about what goes inside us, it’s also about everything around us. From non-toxic cleaners, to natural skincare, these products are all designed in harmony with nature.


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Pure, safe, and proven nutritional products designed in Harmony with Nature™ to give your body what it needs to thrive. Shaklee® supplements are backed with third-party testing and a screening process that guarantees safety, bioavailability, and effectiveness.

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Looking for a skin care line that is vegan, gluten-free and reduces the age of your skin? These clinically proven products are formulated from the purest ingredients with rigorous scientific standards — providing you with Clinical Results without Compromise™.


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Health isn’t just about what you put in your body — it’s about everything around you. Get Clean® brings you a full line of non-toxic cleaning choices that are Safe for You, Your Home, and Your Planet®.