Fresh Start Program - Fall 2019

Fresh Start Program - Fall 2019

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The Fresh Start Program is a holistic and comprehensive five-week online program designed to revive your body on a cellular level (think 'factory reset') and give you the tools, strategies, and support you to activate your most vibrant health.

Program length: 5 weeks

Dates: September 23rd - October 25th, 2019

Location: This program is 100% online and accessible anywhere you have internet.

Your complete Fresh Start Program includes:
∙ 7-Day Detoxifying Herbal Cleanse Kit
∙ Pharmaceutical-Grade Vitamins and Minerals (30-day supply)
∙ Superfood Smoothie Mix (30 or 60 servings - choice of plan)
∙ Weekly Companion Guides
∙ Printable Recipe Books
∙ Interactive Worksheets
∙ Educational Focus Emails
∙ Online Facebook Support Group
Total program valued over $700!

Enrollment: $397 Comprehensive Plan / $497 Advanced Plan. (Includes pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals, smoothie mix, and an herbal cleanse kit.)

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- FAQ -

[ 1 ] Q: What’s the difference between the comprehensive and advanced plan?

A: The Comprehensive plan is best for those looking to build health and gain energy. The Advanced plan is best for those looking to build lean muscle, lower body fat and reduce weight, and/or for those who have limited time for meal planning/prepping. The Comprehensive plan includes 30-servings of superfood smoothie mix (equivalent to ONE meal per day), while the Advanced plan includes 60-servings of superfood smoothie mix (equivalent to TWO meals per day).

[ 2 ] Q: How will this program be delivered? 

A: Your nutritional products will arrive on your doorstep within one week of the program, and the program content will be emailed to you. Each week, you’ll receive companion guides that offer you a combination of action steps, recipes, interactive worksheets, and healthy living inspiration. You will also get insider-only access to our private online hub for community support and engagement.

[ 3 ] Q: When does the program officially start?

A: To accommodate varying schedules, there is no “official” start date. Most people start on a day of the first week that best suits their schedule. The first email will be sent the weekend before the start date to equip you all the information you’ll need to shop and prepare. The sooner you begin, the sooner your feel-good transformation will happen!

[ 4 ] Q: What does the 7-day cleanse consist of?

A: During the first 7 days of the program, you will support your body’s natural detoxification system and repair your body on a cellular level, efficiently remove accumulated toxicity, relieve your body of food dependencies, and optimize the functioning of your digestive system. You will be eating unlimited amounts of raw or lightly steamed fruits and veggies, along with some healthy protein and fats each day (with a recipe book of mouthwatering meals and snacks to guide you!). You will be taking detoxifying herbs in the form of tablets and capsules in the morning and at night.

[ 5] Q: Will I be hungry during the 7-day cleanse?

A: First things first - there is a difference between physical and emotional hunger. You will get clear on the difference in the program. You will start to break the cycle of cravings and addictions, which may feel like a shift, but you shouldn't experience any grueling physical hunger since there are no calorie restrictions on how much you can eat. (In fact, it's likely you'll eat more than usual!) The variety of recipes and meal plans will give you plenty of options to choose from and set you up for success.

[ 6 ] Q: Should I expect to be in the bathroom all day while on the cleanse?

A: I'm glad you asked. In short - no, your normal daily routine shouldn’t be affected. Keep in mind, 'bathroom breaks' may be more regular and productive thanks to your body’s way of ridding the unwanted toxic waste.

[ 7 ] Q: Will I get recipes and meal plans?

A: You will receive one recipe book for the first 7-day raw food cleanse and another for the following 4 weeks of the program; both full of simple-to-make, mouthwatering recipes for breakfast, lunches, dinners, and even desserts! You’ll also get a meal planning template to organize and plan your recipes of choice, to honor your own tastes and preferences.

[ 8 ] Q: What happens after the first 7-day cleanse?

A: You'll receive weekly action steps that will help you integrate healthy food and lifestyle habits, plus you’ll get recipes books, multi-vitamins, and your choice of one or two superfood smoothies each day (your choice of plan). Each week we'll incorporate a new healthy habit so by the end of the program, you'll experience transformed health from the inside-out, and a handful of new perspective and lifestyle shifts that you'll be able to carry with you outside of the program.

[ 9 ] Q: Can I have alcohol during the program?

A: No alcohol during the initial 7-day cleanse, but we will be re-integrating things back into the mix (in moderation) so you don't feel like you're 'on a plan' which sets you up to eventually be 'off it'. The goal is for you to smoothly transition out of the 7-day cleanse feeling better and armed with new knowledge and awareness, and then having the 4 weeks post-cleanse to intentionally practice integrating new healthy habits in your 'typical' lifestyle.

[ 10] Q: Will I feel deprived?

A: Deprivation programs don’t work, and ultimately set us up for failure. While you will be removing some inflammatory triggers during the 7-day cleanse, you’ll then have the option to reintroduce foods in a structured way to see how you tolerate them. Consider this a learning opportunity to tune in and listen to how your unique body prefers to be nourished. This knowledge is power!

[ 11 ] Q: I do not use Facebook. Will this interfere with my experience?

Not at all! All of the program information and printable materials will be delivered via email. Facebook is an optional space for you to be a part of an online community atmosphere if you wish.

[ 12 ] Q: I have other questions. How can I reach you?

A: Happy to help! Click here to contact Chelsea.

[ 13 ] Q: I’m ready to sign up - how do I get started?

A: Good for you! I’m excited to link arms with you on this journey. Click the button below to enroll in your preferred plan and you will receive more information via email shortly.