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Simplified Health Essentials eBook
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the nutrition simplified guide to healthier living.

Simplified Health Essentials brings the Nutrition Simplified philosophy to a wellness and lifestyle guide. Explore the benefits of healthy living, the art of healthy eating, and tips on incorporating wellness and self-care practices into a contemporary lifestyle.

Say good-bye to complicated, rigid diet plans, and hello to a fresh, simplified approach to wellness. This DIY guide will help you cut through confusion and get back to the basics. It's about building the blueprint for a healthy lifestyle and learning the tools to keep you on track.

Whether you’re jump-starting a lifetime of better eating or just looking for a few fresh ideas, Simplified Health Essentials is a self-study guide designed to walk you through actionable steps to integrate healthier habits straight away. 

From there, the decisions become yours! In other words, Simplified Health Essentials is a judgement-free zone – you can honor your unique health and individual needs (rather than trying to mold yourself to a cookie-cutter plan) by shaping the foundational framework of healthy living around your own life, tastes, preferences, and goals.

what's Inside:

  • 30+ pages of tools and strategies to help you build the framework of healthy living, including:

  • Part 1: How to prep for success with a kitchen clean-out

  • Part 2: Incorporating ingredients that nourish

  • Part 3: How to balance macros and portion control

  • Part 4: Healthy intentions and mindsets

  • Part 5: Filling in the gaps with supplements

  • Part 6: How to journal and catalyze change

- Client stories -

"I just finished reading Simplified Health Essentials and I could hear Chelsea's voice as I read (which made me smile because Chelsea always makes me smile). Not only does Chelsea help simplify nutrition, she presents it in a way that makes you feel confident and takes the time to explain the science in an understandable way. This guide empowered me without being patronizing or saying things I've heard a million times before. It's a resource that will help me as I am meal-planning, or just finding myself uninspired and reaching for the comfort of junk food." — Anne