8 Ways To Supercharge Your Health Before 8AM

Girl Stretching In The Morning

If I've learned anything from being a holistic nutritionist, it's that there is no one-size-fits-all.

But I do know that when we build solid habits that support us in consistently showing up as our best selves each day, we can design the life we truly want.

Personally, the days that I start my morning stressed, I feel icky the whole day (hello, elevated cortisol and drained energy). So with the change of seasons, I decided to carve out a little extra time each morning for some rituals that would help me nourish my soul.

And guess what? It has changed E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

I'm not pouring from an empty cup anymore. I've started responding instead of reacting to things. My heart feels full and body feels supercharged.

Now don't get me wrong — there are times when it all goes to hell in a hand basket, and that's okay! It's about being aware, adaptable, and able to pivot — and pivot quickly.

I am a huge advocate of honoring the ever-changing needs of our bodies. But us humans need structure too, and routines give us that. Structure gives us freedom. And having more freedom begins with controlling your mornings instead of letting them control you. I promise… waking up at the crack of dawn is worth it!

Starting your morning with your own intentional sequence creates discipline, establishes boundaries and sets you up for success. And seriously, there's a reason why so many uber-successful peeps like Tony Robbins and Oprah champion morning routines... because they work!

Okay, are you ready?! Let’s dive in.


Meditation has changed.my.life. I remember when my mom took me with her to my first yoga class when I was twelve years old. The guided medi in shavasana brought me into a state of total tranquility. I used to suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and meditation has been a major tool in helping me stay grounded in times of stress. Personally, I love the Headspace app because guided medi keeps me from getting distracted by my thoughts. If you want to incorporate meditation into your morning, find what feels good to you and stick with what works.


I move my body in a loving way, every single day. Why? Because it is scientifically proven that movement releases feel-good endorphins and I am all about doing more of what makes me feel good and less of what doesn’t. I mix up what I do every day, because let’s be real, I get bored! Switching things up works wonders to keep me interested and inspired. My body loves it too. On a Sunday night I’ll map out the classes or activities I am going to do for the week ahead and calendar them in — that way they stay a priority and will actually happen.

That might look like heading to the gym, taking a yoga class, going for a run/walk in the neighborhood or doing some stretches and exercises at home. This hour - or 10 minutes! - of movement gets the blood pumping, increases endorphins, releases stress from my body, gets my creative juices flowing, and clears my mind. Winning!


Every night when you’re asleep, your body is flushing out toxins. So after 7-8 hours without fluids, my body needs to rehydrate. I typically opt for a big glass of room temperature water, or some tea (herbal or matcha). If I have lemon, I’ll squeeze some in to cleanse and alkalize my pH.

I invested in a good filter (I use the Get Clean filter) so I can purify and remove the nasties lurking in my tap water. Drinking clean water allows me to feel clear and keep my hormones in check… mega bonus!


Nourishing my body and looking after myself has become one of my greatest pleasures. In fact, it’s now my way of life. It’s so hard-wired that it’s like brushing my teeth. Mainly, quality nourishment makes me feel good, so I do it. Yes, it does take a degree of discipline to stay organized and prepared, but BOY is it worth it.

Breakfast really is my favorite meal of the day and I always try to have a combo of protein, fats and carbs. My favorite breakfasts are egg muffins (where I literally throw whatever veg I find in the fridge into muffin tins, fill with whisked eggs, and bake in bulk for the week ahead), smoothie bowls with ancient grains and berries, and chia pudding that I top with fruit and nuts. If I'm in a mad dash out the door, I'll whip up a quick protein shake with my favorite plant-based protein powder, organic greens, and fresh fruit.

After breakfast, I’ll take my vitamins. While I’m a huge proponent of getting the majority of my vitamins and nutrients from fresh food, I’ve found that I feel better when I optimize my nutrient uptake with my Vitalizer strip, which contains a multi, b-complex, fish oil, and probiotic.


Tongue scraping is an ancient ayurvedic detoxification technique that I do first thing in the morning. It keeps me healthy and I get sick less often. (Isn’t it amazing how the tiniest of practices can pay off big-time in other life areas?!)

Then I jump in shower and do my morning glow skin care regimen. Out of the shower, I'll usually do some body bushing and slather coconut oil onto my skin.

I will also oil pull - though I don’t do it every day. Here’s my trick to get myself to do it more often: I mix coconut oil and peppermint essential oil, pour them in molds, and refrigerate. I pop them out of their molds and into a Mason jar and keep it in the fridge. Then when I need one, it’s already pre-mixed and I just pop it in!


Divine Mama Earth is incredibly healing, so I make sure I connect with her at some point every day. Sometimes that’s a walk, laying in the sun, diving in the ocean, or sitting on my balcony eating breakfast with the sun on my skin.

I work from home, so if I spend the whole day inside I go a little cray-cray and get serious cabin fever. But you don’t have to spend hours outside, simply three deep conscious belly breaths in the sun with your feet on the grass will suffice. Whatever you can manage is better than nothing. Again, this practice makes me feel good, and I am more creative, more grounded, and more calm when I do this, so I do it every day.


There’s no question we are all leading full lives; we all have stuff to finish, deadlines to meet, and long to-do lists. That means that it’s very easy to go through our days (and our lives, for that matter) responding to pings and not consciously stopping to experience a sense of connection with your partner, friends or family.

But if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that we are wired for connection. We need community and we need each other. So for me, no matter how full my life gets, connecting with my husband is one of my musts. Sometimes that might look like snuggling for 2 minutes before we jump out of bed in the morning, eating breakfast together, or taking our dog for a walk. And sometimes… all we get is the 2 minutes in the morning and that’s it for the whole day. And you know what? That’s okay too. For me, when I don’t take the time to connect with my husband, I feel icky, which inevitably makes me feel more stressed. So I make sure I take that time to connect each and every day.


Developing an abundant mindset has taken me years of practice and consistency. One thing that has helped rewire my brain is bullet journalling 3-5 things that I am grateful for every morning. It’s a great check-in to see what’s currently lighting me up and where I’m spending my time and energy.

I also always start my day by writing down my top three priorities for the day. These could be meeting with a client, creating a new recipe, writing a new blog post, doing outreach on social media or a number of other things. But taking the time to physically write out my top three priorities keeps me focused and productive for the day.

So, there you have it - the 8 morning rituals that supercharge my health… all before 8am!

If you’ve never had a morning routine, or your current morning routine needs some love, don’t fret. I didn’t adopt my morning routine overnight — these rituals slowly became a part of the mix over time of learning what felt good to me. Don’t feel like you need to do all or nothing, sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.

Here are six simple steps to master a new morning routine...

  1. Plan to wake up 30 minutes earlier. That means, going to bed 30 minutes earlier!

  2. Start small. The first time you start your morning routine it might be best to start by adding in one new thing at a time.

  3. Now close your eyes and envision yourself practicing that morning routine.

  4. Just. Do. It. Try it for 7 days straight — I can’t wait to hear what changes for you!

  5. Change with the seasons. My morning routine stays pretty consistent year round, but I’m always checking in with myself about how I can improve or switch it up if I’m feeling stagnant.

  6. Embrace your me-time! Be “selfish”, this time all about you, for you. Your morning routine is not meant to be a chore - it’s a luxury you get to indulge in just for YOU! Fill yourself up so you show up to the world as the best version of you. You, your partner, your kids, and your team members deserve the best version of you and in order for you to show up as the best you, you need to start your day with a routine that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.

“I used to fear hearing ‘who do you think you are?’ or ‘you must be pretty full of yourself.’ Now I work at being full. I want to be so full that I am overflowing… What you see is a woman so full that I’m overflowing with enough to share with someone else. I’m going to own the fullness without ego, without arrogance, but with an amazing sense of gratitude, that I’ve been born at a time when I am female on the planet and I have the great pleasure and freedom to fill myself up.” -Oprah Winfrey

So tell me, do you have any morning rituals? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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